The finest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world

Worldwide, the waterfalls and the most beautiful waterfalls are the delight of photographers and tourists who marvel at the sublime spectacle.They are scary, powerful, spectacular or breathtaking beauty. While some like Victoria Falls or Niagara have a reputation that is second to none, you will discover what those places in the world can be admired these beautiful waterholes.

Falls Plitvice, Croatia

12 places in the world to relax from busy life, get away from it all

In this world There are lot of ideal locations to meet, relax, spend a brief moment with yourself. Sometimes you feel a prisoner, confined in rooms, neighborhoods, major cities , giving you the impression you feel small and almost insignificant. you're not at your place, and it is high time take a breath of fresh air.
Somewhat in the manner of Walter Mitty , the ras-le-bol settles and you decide to make your backpack from the forests, the mountains and open plains. Walls and fences retire and take you the distance with the world, while having the feeling of being perfectly in tune with him. There are many places and scattered on Earth that could give you this feeling of pure freedom activities. I would have selected 12, they are not devoid of tourists, but there is something you find cushy, away from.

Sandstone rock formation, located 400km south-west of Alice Springs, Uluru National Park hides the largest monolith (which is exactly one inselberg) in the world. Worship site Aborigines and World Heritage of UNESCO, the park is home to twenty species of protected mammals and more than seventy species of reptiles. Red-brown color, it offers changing colors (red through green) at dusk and offers a natural spectacle of beauty.

10 places you have to go for camping before dying

1. Lake Myvatn to see the northern lights 
Myvatn  ("lake flies") is located in the north of Iceland  in the vicinity of the  volcano  Krafla . It is the only inhabited place highlands and since installing  Vikings between the 9th  and  10th  centuries. The lake, third natural expanse of the country's water is frozen six months of the year. The lake's name comes from the swarms of insects ( Chironomidae ) that feed the  ducks  that inhabit the lake in summer. The area is known to ornithologists  for fifteen ducks that nest in April. The lake area is  37 km 2 . Lake, river Laxa and surrounding wetlands are protected since 2004 under the name of area conservation area Myvatn-Laxa .

Lake Myvatn

New 7 wonders of the World

This is a classic, a reminder, but it is still beautiful. The new seven wonders of the world have been designated to a vote organized by the New Seven Wonders Foundation , and the results were announced July 7, 2007 in Lisbon. 
So as you say at the outset, this is a true list of choices offered to the jury of architects from all backgrounds, and chaired by Federico Mayor , former president of the UNESCO . Among this list were 21 sites or buildings located in 21 countries on all continents .


Yes, because you have to make choices, however difficult they may be. The judging criteria included aesthetics, but also the architectural feat, or historical relevance. Harsh, because many countries offered fifty choice temples and palaces spread their territory. In the end, the new seven wonders of the world chosen are obviously those who received the most votes, and are supposed to represent a wide range of cultures and eras.
Thus, we find wonders dating back to antiquity, others the 20th century. All these monuments have a sacred function or purely aesthetic. Anyway we love you, so I suggest you (re) discover these little wonders ... for fun: 


Glory of water locations in the Earth

We drink it, we wash it, we swim, and we are even made. Water is essential to all forms of life.
So why not stop for a few minutes just to watch?
Because in addition to being we so essential, it may as well be sublime , and simply enjoy our very eyes. 
Between feelings of peace, calm and serenity, water supply to us through this series of pictures a breathtaking spectacle . At a time when it is valuable and where it should be saved, I suggest you to admire the beauty without moderation.

Crystal clear natural water pool locations in the earth

Here is a  list of  places to swim in crystal clear water. Our world tour of the clearest waters take us to the most beautiful places on the planet. Panama, Philippines, Maldives , Samoa or in Japan where in France. If you have not booked your next destination, do not hesitate to draw on this list is that the feast. The secret of the crystal clearness of water is that lack of human touch of these pristine environment. So if you have an idea for travel these places keep in mind that.

Discovery of the walking sharks in Indonesia

Indonesia researchers have discovered a new species of shark "Speckled Halmaera", which belongs to the species of sharks sculpin. Its particularity? this species moves through its fins!
The Speckled Halmahera is distinguished by its brown appearance of scattered black spots . Two specimens were captured by the team Geral Allen , researcher and biologist Western Autralian Museum .
This species has no legs but do not swim so far. they move their body and stirring relying on their fins located at the chest and pelvis. These sharks are not very large (about 70 cm) compared to other sharks of the same kind.

Observed at 10 m depth in the warm waters of the Molucca Sea, off the Indonesian island of Ternate, it could according to the research team, they attend sandy and rocky bottoms in waters more deep. At the moment there is nothing to say whether this species is present in other parts of the globe.

10 Most Beautiful National Geographic Traveler Entries Contest 2014

It left the friend (s), the 26th edition of National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is now accepting submissions. The opportunity to see the work of these gunslinger who travel the four corners of the world to bring us real small wonders .
The winner of this contest will go on an expedition of eight days in Alaska (just that) aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. For those interested, the contest will end on June 30 of this year, with an entry fee of U.S. $ 15 per photo. (No limit in the number of submissions)
Waiting to contemplate all future masterpieces, I invite you to discover our selection of the 10 best entries . For those who have already visited these places, this is an opportunity to remind you of good memories. For others, here are some ideas for, I hope, the realization of your dreams coming.

10 places to be protected against disappear

Only some magical places of our planet are unfortunately led to disappear in 20, 40 or even a hundred years, whatever.
Climate change, massive and sometimes irresponsible tourism , and even pollution are responsible for the deterioration of world heritage and these situations, as they are today, likely to deprive us the future of some treasures of the world .
Here's  non-exhaustive list of ten places in the world need to see before they disappear.
Nicknamed the floating city could be a victim of what has made it successful. Because of the rising waters every year, floods are becoming more numerous and buildings begin to seriously suffer.

Top 10 destinations from the sun at reasonable prices

From the sun at a cost. So better find the best destinations at the best prices. Here are the top 10 destinations in the sun at reasonable prices.

1. Sri Lanka

20 most amazing beaches in the world

I take you for a ride today on the beaches of the most incredible world . By "incredible" hear "special". It is not here to list all the white sand beaches, but to list those places that have that little "something" more. 
Far, far away from these beaches crowded and boring, so instead here to seaside destinations most unusual.Sable multicolored geological treasures and many other surprises await you. One thing is for sure, none of these beaches will not leave you indifferent.